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Lesson Courses

Every course has multiple video lessons provided with a PDF

.of the drum notation to target each subject


drum rudiments

Rudiments are small repetitive patterns you practice on a pad at first, then later move them to the drum set to create grooves, fills and more.


Play faster and for longer periods of time by strengthening your speed and endurance.

how to read drum notation pdf

In this course, you will get new lesson plans sent straight to your email every week for multiple weeks. This will allow you time to practice before moving on.

drumming lessons

Consistently repeated phrases that set the foundation and feel for the music. Often played with the bass drum, snare, hi hats or ride cymbal. 

pearl drumset

In this course we will be breaking down patterns and moving them around the drum set.

drumming independence

This course will help you coordinate your hands and feet to gain total 4-way independence.

Free Course: Getting Started

In this Free Course, you'll receive:

  • Video Course - Introduction to the drum set

  • Video Course - Stick Control

  • Video Course - Counting Exercises

  • Video Course - Playing your First Groove

  • Video Course - Reading Sheet Music

  • PDF of Sheet Music for Every Course