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What Drummer101 Is All About

drummer101 | Online drum lessons

Hey Guys! I'm Kevin Prince, drum teacher at Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • "Where do I begin?"

  • "What is the drummer playing in this song?"

  • "How do I read this sheet music?"

  • "How do I play my rolls fast and clean?"

  • "How do I coordinate my hands and feet so they can work together?"

If so, you are in the right place! Whether you have never played drums before or you are already in a band, there are probably some areas you would like to grow your skills but don't have a system to follow.  

Who Is For?

Drummer101 is for people who are eager to learn how to play the drums. We live in a time where we want instant gratification and sometimes even faster results with putting in minimal effort. If you are someone who expects to see improvement but doesn't do at least a little bit of work, then Drummer101 may not be a right fit for you. 

You likely already have the desire to sit and play drums a few times a week but get caught playing the same things over and over with no real game plan. is the perfect place to take drum lessons.

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