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Are You A New Drummer And Feeling Stuck (How To Get Unstuck)

Want to learn how to play the drums but tell yourself things like...

  • I don't have enough coordination

  • It's too late for me to learn an instrument

  • I don't have good rhythm

  • I don't have time to practice

Why do new drummers get​ stuck, even when spending hours playing the drums? Because they are practicing the wrong way. They get comfortable playing the same things the same way, without understanding the basics.

Can't you teach yourself from watching YouTube?

There is plenty of free content out there and that is great. However, learning without a system is like driving to a place you have never been before without directions. Plus, it's proven that people value what they pay for.


Introducing The Ultimate Beginner's Course

(Your GPS system to get you from point A to point B)

This Course contains 20 lessons that will take you from the basic fundamentals to playing grooves and fills with better coordination. All lesson videos and sheet music is taught by a drum teacher who has over 50 private students a week. 

Here is what you can expect your progress to look like during and after taking this course. 
(if you apply the material and practice)

  • ​Better coordination with your hands and feet

  • Keeping better time (better rhythm)

  • Reading drum notation

  • Understanding how to learn beats and fills you hear in songs

  • Playing different grooves using the bass and snare drum

  • Know how to play drum fills

online drum lessons

Here's what more students are saying about the Ultimate Beginner's Course:

drummer101 | Online drum lessons

Sean S.

Kevin is an awesome drum teacher! He explains things so easy with helpful tips to make grooves sound better. I really like how this new website is organized by courses.  It was easy for me to navigate across the lessons so I can focus on the skills I need to practice.   The “Drum Fills” Course helped me the most.  It was super easy to learn with the downloadable sheet music and watching really cool videos.  Drummer101 makes learning the drums easy and fun!

drummer101 | Online drum lessons

Beth G.

The Drummer101 website is awesome!  My son has practiced with the videos everyday.  He prints the sheet music, streams the lessons onto his Ipad and plays along with Kevin’s videos. In one week, the difference in his playing is a drastic improvement.  This website is perfect for in-between his private lessons.  I’d recommend this website to every parent to help boost your child’s ability and confidence with the drums.

drummer101 | Online drum lessons

David T.

 The online courses are easy to follow and fun to learn. I have only been playing for about 3 years. However, I learned more in 30 mins that just clicked and made sense to me. I will continue to use the online lessons and really like the convenience and how easy Kevin has made them to understand and execute correctly.   

$97 (0ne-Time Payment/Lifetime Access)

Because I stand by this product, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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